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  We live in dangerous times..likely entering a new 100 year war for survival. In the modern west, collectivists use weather cycles, ecology-based fears of progress, resentments, sex-race-class warfare, gun control, endless tax increases and regulation, attacks on religion and spirituality...all to diminish individual freedoms and opportunities.  They want to turn the clock back to a time characterized by countless serfs, peasants governed by a few annointed ones, and a single, strong master. Political correctness is their muzzle for dissenting opinions and disarming critical observations.   Opponents are smeared into oblivion or retreat. Talking points from the master appear, unchanged across headlines, radio and TV news. Most of the media have shed any pretense of neutrality, truth-seeking, have become cheerleaders for progressivism.  We are told that it will surely work this time, ignoring the history of Nazi Socialism, Soviet gulags, Cambodian and Chinese re-education camps/killing fields, the holocaust, piece meal collapse of the Socialist European Union. Ironically some of the more stable, prosperous nations are recent escapees from Russian Communism, but emerged unencumbered by and wary of more socialism.
     The U.S. Constitution, Bill of RIghts are ignored by those sworn to defend them from enemies, foreign and
domestic. U.S. State Dept. officials warn new nations to avoid using our Founding Documents as a model.
      In the modern Mideast, religious extremism, Jihad openly avows intent to destroy all other belief systems and to, ultimately, install Shariah Law round the globe, under a world-wide Caliphate. Western society, arts,
literature, music, civil rights, access to education, careers, lifestyle all have to go, along with most books, except for the Koran and its related works. Infidels, and apostate-moderate Muslims are to be converted, enslaved, or killed. If they don't succeed, Jihaddists boast they will die trying, taking all other humanity with them in a last, grand Holy War, likely with nuclear weapons.
    One year after the "Arab Spring," Islamists have control of most states. In Egypt, ultraconservative Mullahs preach that Shariah Law demands gang-rape of "she-devil" female opposition demonstrators and that Shariah
also sanctions killing oppositional political leaders. A new law permitting "farewell sex" with deceased wives, up to a certain time, faded away from posted proposals after political cartoons and feminist outcry.  In Kuwait, a
female Islamist advises that women soldiers from Israel and the degenerate West be captured, graded, then sold as sex slaves.  She says doing this will raise cash for good causes, and will help stabilize the Muslim family...a sex slave or two at home will diminish adultery, affairs and using prostitutes.
        Half the U.S. population favors or supports Collectivism for selfish reasons or revenge, while ignoring the
threat of Islamic Extremism. The word, "idiot," derives from ancient Greek terms for individuals who pay no
attention to, nor participate in significant public matters.
       Submission and inaction are necessary for tyranny to arise.  It is harder for ruler-serf systems to exist where truth is recognized, simple human pleasures and freedoms are cherished and defended. One Persian
ruler was informed that the Greeks would not submit, they preferred to fight for their precious freedom. The amazed ruler asked, "Have they no master to tell them what to do?"  The aide said, "No, they obey only the laws that they themselves chose to enact."
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